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Weles3 onboarding
We sign the necessary documents and collect information about your general needs.
You provide us with data for import along with information on charges calculations and settlements.
We enter data into Weles3 system. We set up the charges and the basic chart of accounts.
We teach basic navigation through the system. We show how to use help.
5. Verification of data
You verify the entered data and we agree on possible corrections.
We present further functions of the system. We show you how to use support.
Verification of data
At this stage, you should validate the imported data. All the necessary skills for this have been passed to you in the previous step. The scope of data that needs to be checked includes:
  • Registration data of the first and last unit on the list (owner, area, numbers)
  • Registration data of 3 random units (owner, areas, numbers)
  • Summary data (areas, numbers)
  • Sum of charges in all the months
  • Charges of units with unconventional charges
  • Initial balances for a few selected units
  • Opening balances on synthetic accounts
It is worth taking the time to verify the data. Problems that can be corrected at this stage in a simple way, then they may require more work.
Next step
We present further functions of the system. We show you how to use support.
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