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Weles3 onboarding
We sign the necessary documents and collect information about your general needs.
You provide us with data for import along with information on charges calculations and settlements.
We enter data into Weles3 system. We set up the charges and the basic chart of accounts.
4. Initial training
We teach basic navigation through the system. We show how to use help.
You verify the entered data and we agree on possible corrections.
We present further functions of the system. We show you how to use support.
Purpose of the initial training
The initial training is designed to enable you to verify the data imported by us and complete the data that you enter. We will provide you with information and skills necessary for everyday work with the system during the second training (basic training). The training will be conducted by us remotely via a jointly agreed platform (Hangouts, Meet, Teams, Zoom).
Scope of initial training
In the basic training we will tell you how to:
  • Get access to the system and log in
  • View and understand data related to records and charges
  • View and understand accounting related data
  • Add contractor
  • Add account to the chart of accounts
  • Edit opening balance
Next step
You verify the entered data and we agree on possible corrections.
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