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Weles3 onboarding
We sign the necessary documents and collect information about your general needs.
You provide us with data for import along with information on charges calculations and settlements.
3. Data import
We enter data into Weles3 system. We set up the charges and the basic chart of accounts.
We teach basic navigation through the system. We show how to use help.
You verify the entered data and we agree on possible corrections.
We present further functions of the system. We show you how to use support.
Data import
At this stage, we prepare a database with data of your entities based on the information we have received from you. After we perform this operation, you will see on your Weles3 account:
  • Basic chart of accounts
  • Registration data of the transferred entities
  • Meters
  • Reconstructed charges for the period required for settlements
  • Opening balances of the owners
Data that requires self-entering
We leave some of the data for you to import by yourself:
  • Detailed chart of accounts
  • Contractors
  • Access to Weles3 + access rights
  • Opening balances of other accounts
In our experience, this range of data is quite difficult to formalize and pass as data for import, which makes the process of entering it by yourself more efficient and less burdensome for us and you. This is also the first step to work independently with the system. All the necessary skills for this import you will receive from us in the next step.
Data not subject to import
We try to give the impression that data import is a "touch of a magic wand" that converts the data sent by you into the Weles3 database. In practice, this is quite a difficult and time-consuming process. For this reason, we do not carry out imports:
  • Data from previous years
  • Charges apart from the periods required for settlements
  • Bookings before the start date in Weles3
Next step
We teach basic navigation through the system. We show how to use help.
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