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Benefits for accountants
Finances transparently and efficiently
Effective bookkeeping
Save time on routine activities. Weles3 will import bank statements with mass payments and regular ones. Work as most of our clients who don't manually record anything that involves bank statements.
The document flow system and process will allow you to do your bookings without touching paper. This form of work increases the efficiency of your accountant even several times.
Simple charges system
Calculation of monthly charges, settlement of meters and costs will be easy. Just click to post them to the books. The system will also calculate and issue adjustments to the calculations based on corrected data.
We follow the regulations on an ongoing basis and update the system. The changes will no longer surprise you. We also serve VAT entities (together with JPK declarations and new JPK-V7M and JPK-V7K forms)
Pleasure of work
Weles3 is designed to give you flexibility without manual entries to the system. The system suggests solutions, but does not force you to use them. Reporting, export and analysis tools available in the system will make work efficient.
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